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Products with a passion for quality

Our Vendors are our partners

That’s why we choose them carefully

Here at Cross International Brokerage what we sell is a point of pride for us, so if it does not meet our standards for quality, taste, and ingredients then we do not sell it.  When we interview a new vendor, we make sure that their quality meets our standards because what we put forth is a reflection of our commitment. 

The vendors we represent all have one great thing in common, pride in their products. When they put forth an item, "good" is simply not good enough. Their hard work and dedication is reflected in the product itself, so to settle for less would be unacceptable. Their product must be great. All of our vendors have taken measures to ensure the pinnacle of care is shown in every step of

Standards for 

Quality, Taste, and Ingredients

the process. Their ingredients are responsibly sourced with nothing added that does not need to be there. In short, they strive to excel.

Our lines span from cupcake icings to wine, canned goods to gourmet pasta and cheeses. We diligently monitor market trends through advanced data analytics to keep our customers on top of the consumer's interest.

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